In 2021 Swansea University and the University of Canberra launched a partnership in Sport and Exercise Science that will see them deliver collaborations in research, teaching and student exchange.

The partnership will build upon long established collaborations in this area and, it is hoped, will mark the beginning of a broader relationship between the two institutions in line with their shared values and in support of their shared global ambitions.

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Sport and Exercise Science at Swansea

Sport and Exercise Science at University of Canberra

  • Research Institute for Sport and Exercise (RISE) brings together staff from a range of disciplines to support the University's sporting aspirations
  • Research themes: High Performance Sport and Exercise; Sport and Exercise Medicine; Environmental Physiology; Active Brain; Exercise Epigenetics; Sports Integrity
  • Discipline of Sport and Exercise Science offers a wide range of programmes, including Bachelor, Masters, Graduate Certificate and PhD
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Joint Seminar Series

Next Seminar: 14th June 2023


  • Building a cognitive reserve during adulthood: what is the prescription? Professor Ben Rattray (University of Canberra)
  • Age-Dependent Cerebral Blood Flow Responses to Acute Concurrent Physical and Cognitive Activity: Miss Vicki McCarthy (University of Canberra)
  • The development and assessment of a novel combined physical and cognitive assessment: The Flanker-Y: Poster presentation by Dr Kate Pumpa (University of Canberra)
  • The effect of eight-days oral taurine supplementation on thermoregulation at fixed heat production in hot conditions of incremental humidity: Miss Jenny Peel (Swansea University)
  • Assessing real-world movement with consumer-grade wearable sensors: measuring segment orientations and movement quality: Mr. Alex Swain (Swansea University)
  • 'Probably just sexism': Gendered experiences of resource access in rugby: Miss Freja Petrie (Swansea University)

8.30am GMT / 5.30pm AEST

This seminar will be held via Zoom:

This event is open to faculty, staff and students from Swansea University and University of Canberra. Attendees from outside organisations may attend with prior arrangement - please contact us.

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Recent Joint Publications

  • The Neuromuscular, Physiological, Endocrine and Perceptual Responses to Different Rraining Session Orders in International Female Netball Players (European Journal of Sport Science, 2021)
  • The Physical Demands of Professional Soccer Goalkeepers throughout a Week-Long Competitive Microcycle and Transiently throughout Match-Play (Journal of Sports Sciences, 2020)
  • Activity Accumulation and Cardiometabolic Risk in Youth: A Latent Profile Approach (Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise (2020)
  • Performance Indicators during International Rugby Union Matches are Influenced by a Combination of Physiological and Contextual Variables (Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport, 2020)
  • Cross-Sectional ssociations of Total Daily Volume and Activity Patterns across the Activity Spectrum with Cardiometabolic Risk Factors in Children and Adolescents (International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 2020)

Swansea-Canberra Jointly Funded Collaborations

Research Collaborations

Swansea and Canberra have jointly funded a number of Seedcorn Grants to foster and support the development of new research collaborations. The projects to be awarded funding are:


Teaching Collaborations